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After our previous flights to Dusseldorf, Amsterdam and Rotterdam we now travelled to the USA for the fourth Soundtravels Recordings release produced by Dutch techno mastermind Orlando Voorn. Flight EP features four techno/house tracks filled with pure electronic detroit funk. 'Flight 313' was produced as a tribute to Aaron Carl and now for the first time on vinyl for all you fans out there! It comes with a special beatless version as well. As if that ain't enough Flight EP also features 'Cheater'. A bold house track with that special Voorn funkyness in it. Last but not least is 'Strings'. With its beautiful strings and continuous drive this is a track you will play to the last minute over and over again. All in all, a highly recommended EP which deserves a special place in every recordcase. Timeless!

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Looking great Jeff 🙌 Thanks for supporting and sharing 💖 If you want to be more like Jeff and use your daily exerc…
Sat 23rd - 3:44
Happy Friday everyone. We’re open for click and collect today 12 - 3.
Fri 22nd - 9:16
This is an awesome performance and he gives us a shout out too. Enjoy, people.
Thu 21st - 10:20
Weekly New Release Mailout - Bicep, Basso, Royal Blood, David Bowie, James Yorkston, Tom F…
Thu 21st - 5:01
Pre-orders now being taken for @soulwax remix of @fontainesdublin ‘A Hero’s Death’.
Thu 21st - 3:44
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