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Final Summer

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Cloud Nothings are back! Cleveland's loudest export with their new album, Final Summer via Pure Noise Records. Over the past 15 years Cloud Nothings have become part of the fabric of modern indie rock with a steady run of reliably fantastic records, and this streak continues unabated with Final Summer – an album that’s so assured, so instantly satisfying, that it forces you to pause and realize you’re listening to one of the great American rock bands in their prime.


Barry says: Equal parts rolling scuzz-garage and psydedelic grunge music, cloud nothings effortlessly lurch between sound worlds into places that are both terrifying and exciting. Even on record you can hear the tremendous energy emanating from the Ohioan trio, I bet they're a lot of fun to watch live. Brilliantly raucous.


1. Final Summer
2. Daggers Of Light
3. I'd Get Along
4. Mouse Policy
5. Silence
6. Running Through The Campus
7. The Golden Halo
8. Thank Me For Playing
9. On The Chain
10. Common Mistake

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