Cosmic Accident

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This new and heavyweight 12" from Robot84 is a fresh fusion of Italo and house vibes that are defined by lively percussion, lush pianos, 808 drum fills, and an irresistible vocal hook. The original of this has already garnered attention with high praise from Manchester legend Justin Robertson who dropped it at a Hacienda 51 gig for its 30th anniversary. Sean Johnston, Heidi Lawden, Laurent Garnier and more have all also been playing it out recently which tells you all you need to know, really. Flip it over for a dubbed-out headwrecker that is just as good.


Mine says: The last Robot84 record has been flying off the shelves and I have a feeling that this one might prove similarly popular. The title might be slightly misleading though as Robot84 abandons the cosmic tinged sounds of 'Get It Right Next Time' for a prime time electro house pumper complete with piano theme and hands in the air breakdowns.


Cosmic Accident (Full Vocal)
Cosmic Accident (Dubbed Out)

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