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Can't Put No Price On Love EP

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Z Records

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Originally recorded in the late 1970s and using many of the musicians employed by Diana Ross on her track 'The Boss', 'Can't Put No Price On Love' has long been regarded as North End's 'long lost' single - an inspired disco workout employing that pre-dates the Arthur Baker/Tony Carbone-helmed project's most famous song, Tee Scott/Larry Levan favourite 'Happy Days'. The original multitrack was unfortunately lost, but the track finally appears, 40-odd years after it was recorded. Whether what we're hearing was finished and mixed at the time is uncertain, but the 'Club Mix' is certainly authentic sounding - a genuinely energetic, joyous and effervescent New York disco number with full orchestration, addictive vocals (Jocelyn Brown & Dennis Collins on backing Vox) and a killer groove. Elsewhere across the EP, we get two versions of 'We Can't Live Like This Anymore' - the synth-laden, solo-heavy disco-boogie style original mix (B2) and a superb 'drum break' percussion tool (A2) - and a brilliantly low-slung instrumental dub-disco cover of The Temptations' 'Cloud 9'.


Can't Put No Price On Love (Club Mix)
We Can't Live Like This Anymore (Drum Break)
Cloud 9
We Can't Live Like This Anymore

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