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High Fashion Disco Vol. 3

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High Fashion

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By public demand, legendary High Fashion Music label from Holland (est. 1982) relaunches “High Fashion Disco”. 35 years after the release of volume 1 and volume 2, it is now time for volume 3 and volume 4! And they doubled the playing-time and made both volume 3 and volume 4 a 2xCD. To bring you the best of the last 5 years of High Fashion Music.

Featuring High Fashion's 12 inch releases only, some of them even upcoming and yet unreleased. Few of them featured with different (but only extended-) re-mixes, reason they made it a 2CD for each volume.

Compact Disco as it should be!

Volume 3 presents to you a.o. the High Fashion released (remixes) by T-Connection (Moplen), Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson (Ben Liebrand), SOS Band (Ben Liebrand and Michael Gray) , Tullio de Piscopo (Michael Gray), Blueboy (David Penn), Loose Change (Moplen), Donna Allen (Dr Packer), Ashford & Simpson (Joey Negro), Dance Reaction (Martin Boer) just to name a few.


T-Connection - Do What You Wanna Do (Moplen Extended Remix)
Johnny Guitar Watson - A Real Mother For Ya (Ben Liebrand Go To A Disco Remix)
SOS Band - Just Get Ready (Michael Gray Remix)
BB&Q Band - Main Attraction (Dr Packer Remix)
Tullio De Piscopo - Stop Bajon (Primavera) (Michael Gray Remix)
Blue Boy - Remember Me (David Penn Extended Remix)
Ashford & Simpson - Found A Cure (Joey Negro Found A Dub Mix)
DHS - House Of God (Funkerman Extended Mix)
Donna Allen - Joy & Pain (Dr. Packer Extended Remix)
BB&Q Band - Dreamer (Michael Gray Remix)
Karen Young - Deetour (Moplen Paradise Boogie)
The Flirts - Passion (Ben Liebrand Sweet N Simple Remix)
SOS Band - Get Ready (Ben Liebrand Funk Groove)
T-Connection - Do What You Wanna Do (Moplen Rollercoaster Dub)
Dance Reaction - Disco Train (Martin Boer Remix)
Ashford & Simpson - Over & Over (Joey Negro Club Mix)
Firefly - Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side) (Michael Gray Remix)
Loose Change - Straight From The Heart (Moplen Extended Remix)
Karen Young - Hot Shot (Joey Negro Sure Shot Club Mix)
Blue Boy - Remember Me (Franky Rizardo Extended Remix)
Moses - We Just (Ben Liebrand Revolution Remix)
Mirko Deep - Feel It (Michael Gray Remix)

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