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U-Benders are back - and have revealed a little more about their identity... we know now that they are brothers, so that dispels my theory about it being Luke Unabomber (unless he's calling Justin a brother now) - the mystery certainly continues as we get volume 2 from this anonymous outfit.

Side A chops up the Orange Juice classic - "Rip It Up", utilizing that catchy guitar hook and deploying extra drums and tweaking with expert filter usage and flanger. It's another one of those 'so simple I wish I'd have done it' edits that'll absolutely blow the roof off Croatian boat parties or Stretford pub raves.

"How's Your Father" takes things a little more obscure with the 1978 hit from lesser know group - Exile. Also used by Seahawks on one of their early 12"s, U-Benders extend the Balearic hook, add bubbling 303s and generally chug the whole thing up, making for a rather splendid soft-rock-Balearic-house crossover.

Limited copies. 


Matt says: Second double header from the elusive U-Bend. That Orange Juice edit is slick and as spirit rousing as you like, while the Exile flip on side B should keep the train spotters excited.


Side 1
1. Rip It Off 
Side 2
1. How's Your Father 

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