Opolopo X Alafia

Axxanxxan / Axxiove

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Canopy enlist Opolopo to get involved with the label's superstar Alafia. Collaborating on a new transmission, "Axxanxxan" and "Axxiove" are two addictive percussive monsters, perfectly designed to lock the dancefloor into a tribal throb. 

"Axxanxxan" has more musical elements thrown in, metallic bass, guitar chops, synth swirls and such like; making for a melting point of tropical disco carnage. "Axxiove" is a much more drum-centric affair, imparting onto the listener a hypnotic pulse of rhythm that's scorching hot. Add a few flange sweeps and modern fx sweeps and you've a real beast that'll work across genres and on most dancefloors.

Essential stuff from Canopy!


Matt says: Excellent for building up tension on the dancefloor, or utilizing over other tracks as a percussive DJ tool; these two drum-centric broilers from Opolopo and Alafia should find favour right across the DJ spectrum.



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