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The English duo Persher - Arthur Cayzer (Pariah) and Jamie Roberts (Blawan) - take the same subversive, boundaryless approach to extreme music that underpins their electronic explorations. Their individual outputs are highly anticipated in the dance world, in part because of their affinity for expression beyond a trend.

The debut album, ‘Sleep Well’, is ferocious and innovative. Cayzer and Roberts take a decidedly unconventional approach to writing, using the full potential of the studio in their exploration of extreme music. What sounds like a live band performance is, more often than not, an amalgam of many different sessions, the duo applying techniques from electronic music to heavier sonics.

Recording in Roberts’ studio at Funkhaus, the home of the former East German state-owned radio station, Cayzer would improvise long takes on guitar and bass, contorted and mutated by Robert using his extensive modular setup to add weight and texture. This primordial ooze of raw sonics was then chopped up and reassembled into bristling hooks and corrosive atmospheres.

The duo’s playful, exuberant approach to music is evident in their absurdist themes and lyrics. Much of the album is inspired by “really disgusting food.” ‘Medieval Soup From The Milkbar’ references the epically bad meal of grey, gruel-like soup, and seeps into the track’s noxious slurry and stomachchurning riffs. ‘Portable Aquarium’ was born of a cup of herbal tea overflowing with foliage. Their playful and often self-deprecating sense of humour allows them to find inspiration in the smallest of life’s events.

Persher’s ‘Sleep Well’ provides a daring, revelatory expansion on heavy music’s myriad mutations. The duo use their production skills and their humour to embrace the powerful release they find in extreme. Persher’s debut album exudes the sheer joy of making music unconstrained by genre boundaries, as gleefully weird as it is visceral and primal.

“The duo of Jamie Roberts (Blawan) and Arthur Cayzer (Pariah) leave behind the acid froth for some maggoty post-genre techsludge” - The Quietus

“They’re embracing a lifelong fandom of more extreme sounds, blending death metal’s hellish riff worship with the freaky ferocity of crust punk and raw immediacy of hardcore.” - Crack Magazine


Crumpled Man
Elemental Stoppage
Medieval Soup From The Milkbar
Desiccated Forgettable
Hymn To The Tupperbird
Portable Aquarium
The Squiggles
Sleep Well Night Time Forest Rain
Celtic Froth
Read Me Some Sci-Fi

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