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Theo Kottis drops some absolute fire on Dekmantel. The London-based Scottish producer delivers a stone cold bassline-techno banger via the title track "Lighthouse". Combining speed garage timestretching and a big Reece bassline it's the ultimate peak timer for the club. Add some techy glitches and rampant hi-hat you'll see why this is a full throttle top-off banger few can resist.

"Warp" switches tact for a kinetic electro track akin to summat Radioactive Man or DMX Krew might conjure up. Plenty of rumble and snap on this one, with bass and drums mixed nice and upfront as hypnotic pads and drifting bleep melodies come in and out of focus.

"Take Control" returns to a 4/4 template, albeit with a slightly more subdued energy than the first track. A catchy vocal ident supplements the droning acid bass and frenetic house drums beautifully.

"Distance" then flips us back to more electro-flavoured urgency. A skilled drum sequence highlighting glowing pads and nagging acid lines while a neck-snapping snare keeps us locked into the groove.

With full fat production, skilled sound design and carefully attention to club kinetics, Theo Kottis has engineered something rather special for your late night delectation - check! 


Matt says: Galvanized tackle for upfront dancefloors - it's the Dekmantel ethos distilled into four highly electrified tracks spanning techno, electro and acid flavours.


Take Control

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