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Same Songs, Different Room

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Invisible, Inc

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It's been 40 years since Michal Turtle released his seminal, ground-breaking album "Music From The Living Room" into the world and promptly disappeared back into the aether.

An extremely obscure cult classic known only to deep diggers and aficionados of the finest order, it wasn't until Music From Memory reissued some of the tracks from it via retrospective compilations of Turtle's unreleased music almost 30 years later that his name become more widely known and a new generation were able to discover the artist's unique and pioneering style of experimental electronic music production, the majority of it very much ahead of its time, and to this day, still timeless.

This version includes the much loved track "Are You Psychic" alongside a version of "Phantoms of Dreamland" recorded live at Café Oto featuring original album vocalist Lucianne Lasalle and regular collaborator HOVE on electronics


Matt says: Space-time defying vibrations from Balearic-electro-pionneer Michal Turtle. Oozing originality but with a fun and positive delivery, yet somehow creating sonic tapestries way ahead of their time. A true innovator. Worth it for that "Jeka" track alone.


A1. Are You Psychic
A2. Phantoms Of Dreamland (live At Café Oto);
B1. Village Voice;
B2. It's A Stop Sign, Shirley!
B3. Yak By Yak
B4. Jeka

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