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“Rare & Lost Tapes” is a collection of singles by the legendary group Cortex, never before released on LP. The album brings together previously unreleased and rare recordings such as "Les Oiseaux Morts" (Alternative Take 76) released only as a test pressing, "Mary & Jeff" (Fender Rhodes Version 77) recorded for TV, and "Californie" & "Stevie" released for the Side Project Caribou in 7".

As you'd expect from these jazz-funk pioneers, as soon as they hit that record button, they instantly fall into the groove! It's hard to imagine them not being the funkiest, sexiest, downright grooviest band in the world. 

So, despite whatever creative / managerial decisions were made at the time preventing these recordings from being released - rest assured the quality of the tracks is up there with the rest of their catalogue - absolutely sublime! 


Matt says: Nice collection of unreleased material for jazz-funk legend Cortex - possibly one of the most sampled yet underrated bands in history. You can see why producers love to loop up their grooves into their samplers - there's an undeniably magical interchange between the musicians which only the tightest, most cerebral bands manage to achieve.


A1. Californie
A2. Moanion
A3. Stevie
A4. The Sky Is Grey I'm So Blue

B1. Psychose
B2. Mary & Jeff (Fender Rhodes Version 77')
B3. Les Oiseaux Morts
B4. Les Oiseaux Morts (Alternative Take 76')

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