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Trad Vibe Records proudly presents a first-time reissue of Caribou, a side-project of Cortex, originally released in 1977. A great and rare double-sider jazz-funk 7inch, now available as a reissue. Originals don't go for less than £50!!

French avantgarde jazz-funk pioneers Cortex released three milestone albums during the seventies including the iconic "Troupeau Bleu". Their music has been sampled by hip-kop artists such as MF Doom, Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco and Rick Ross and as a consequence is still very much alive today.


Matt says: Heavy sampled jazz funkers Caribou (not that one!) are oft-referenced but little known outside select circles. This particular 7" has been a rarity for some time. Do your ears a favour and give 'em this to listen to they'll thank you for it!




Remix Herbs (An MF Doom Tribute)

Moar's tribute to the sadly departed MF Doom sees him excavate many of Metal Finger's original sample sources for a kinda homage to our favourite, blunted MPC wielding wordsmith.

Authentic to the original vibe but with Moar's own unique inflections, it's a worthy addition to any stoned instrumental hip-hop collection or an imperative new collections of rhythms for your local battle rap contest.

As an aside it could also be fun to try and spot the original MF Doom tracks amongst the re-named version here. Add some spice via a bong-toke forfeit / reward for the winners and losers and everyone's gonna be having a party! 


A1. Robin Wood
A2. Koala Tree
A3. Herbal Tea
A4. Himalaya
A5. He Shou Wu
A6. Kyton
A7. Dracanae
A8. Hot Weed
A9. Rhizome
B1. Rhus
B2. Queen Of Perfumery
B3. Alep Weed
B4. Hypnotizer
B5. Smilax
B6. Pungi Dance
B7. Wizards
B8. Muskroot

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