Vimne Ratsu / Kuu Maa

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Sad Fun

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Vana is a true Estonian lowkey gem, a duo (Ajukaja & Edith Karslon) who deal boldly with pop music clichés. On their debut 7” they cue up a track by beloved 80’s Estonian beachtown band to give it some new attire. A version & context of their own. They manage to lift a pseudo reggae track to present day & make it resonate here & now. Easy does it.

The B–side sees Vana on a pop trek. “Kuu Maa” is a real heart melter with its dreamy vocals, arousing piano line, guitar licks & funky bass. Grab that dictionary to catch each & every chunk of emotion on here. Or just let it slowly sink in. Lets go!


Viimne Ratsu
Kuu Maa

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