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Pauls Musique / Freeride Millenium

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The next collaborative release between Freeride Millenium and Pauls Musique is a terrific two-tracker from Manchester artist Joseph Louis Harland of Menage A Trois / Dream Lovers fame, and sees a duo of dreamlike synth excursions, beautifuly delivered through a hazy filter of irradiated saturation. 

On the A-Side we get 'L'Amour', kicking things off with a digital choir sound, shorly joined by a parallel but suboctaved string pull, both working together to create a dreamlike backdrop for the whimsical guitar melody that takes things from a charming background ambeince through the realms of dreampop into euphoric eye-closing bliss. Warmly reassuring through it's unabashed use of tried-and-tested melodic refrains, but cleverly tipped on it's head with the percussive and vocal elements falling behind the amplitudinal intensity of the 'background' elements, skilfully increased to seratonin-spouting levels, it's a heady and intoxicating juxtaposition. 

On the flipside we see the seratonin burst of the former piece rounding out into a slowly progressing synthetic bubblebath, keeping the choirs at work but tapering their contribution into a warm sea of glimmering LFO'd pads and warm, Roland chorus. 


Barry says: A beautifully retrospective, but unflinchingly modern take on synth ambient, mixing elements of Emeralds (more specifically Mark McGuire / Steve Hauschildt's solo work) with the juvenile optimism of IDIB (Johnny Jewel / Chromatics) without ever sounding like a tribute. These are intelligent, beautifully written odes to years gone past,with a forward-facing melodic ideal, and a keen ear for a tune. Lovely.


A. L´amour
B. I Wanna Go To Heaven 

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