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On 1 0 0 1, Dustin O‘Halloran (Marie Antoinette, Lion, Transparent) contemplates ideas of technology & humanity entering the age of artificial intelligence - one of the most fundamental transformations in the history of mankind. What will distinguish humanity and technology in the future? How will this affect concepts like ‘love’ and the ‘soul’? Will language survive as the primary tool for our species’ communication? What role will consciousness have in a world whose rapid evolution continues to accelerate? 1 0 0 1 is based on a ballet, first premiered in 2019 (collaborating with dancer Fukiko Takase), that was developed further into the album during the pandemic.


Side A

1. Spiritus Naturae Aeternus
2. Cymatic Love Spiral

Side B

3. Harmonic Dream Sequence
4. Transfigural Syntax Eclipse 

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