Outubro - 2024 Reissue

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Far Out Recordings

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Typifying the consummate craftsmanship of the three members' performances - each with such distinct personality and together so perfectly balanced - their perfectionist attitude to sound is maintained across the production on the album, beautifully colouring the expressionist fusion of samba rhythm, jazz progression, funk attitude and psychedelic electronics.

The album hosts a wonderful mix of tempos and styles, from Alex Malheiros' earth- shaking slap- bass on 'Dear Limmertz', which was to become a hit on London's underground disco and jazz-dance club scenes alike, to the late maestro Jose Roberto Bertrami's genial melodic Rhodes excursions on the vocoder laden, samba-jazz masterpiece 'Un Amigo', while Ivan 'Mamao' Conti's signature swing on 'Maracana' exemplifies the root of Azymuth's 'samba doidoi' (crazy samba) philosophy.

The two cover versions on the album consist of the title track which was originally penned by Milton Nascimento and Chick Corea's '500 Miles High', both of which magically reimagine the originals and further demonstrate the immense virtuosity of this cult recording. This Far Out Recordings release is mixed and mastered from the original tapes


1. Papasong
2. Outubro (October)
3. 500 Miles High
4. Maracana
5. Pantanal
6. Un Amigo (A Friend)
7. Dear Limmertz
8. Dear Limmertz Prelude
9. Carta Pro Airto (Letter To Airto)

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