Cuckoo - 2024 Reissue

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Following the success of Curve's debut full-length Doppelgänger, which nearly hit the U.K. Top 10, the British group went in a darker, moodier direction with 1993 follow-up Cuckoo. Opener "Missing Link" is furious and aggressive, coming closer to Ministry-style industrial than the group's previous work, but other songs are slower, more atmospheric, and a bit more experimental. "Superblaster" is a bit closer to the poppiness of Doppelgänger's highlights and was released as a single.


Side A
1. Missing Link
2. Crystal
3. Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus
4. All Of One
5. Unreadable Communication

Side B
1. Turkey Crossing
2. Super Blaster
3. Left Of Mother
4. Sweetest Pie
5. Cuckoo

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