Tranquil Elephantizer


Image of Tranquil Elephantizer - Trisha
Record Label
Red Laser

About this item

An overlooked nugget from San Fran's celebrated WICKED label.

Red Laser's Il Bosco had his mind blown when Felix Dickinson dropped this monster remix when playing the labels club night at the legendary White Hotel in Manchester.

The RL crew were surprised to learn this remix had never been released and immediately contacted ET to secure a full vinyl only release along with the epic original mix.

Since then, this has been an anthem at the Red Laser White Hotel residency and beyond. Don't sleep on this epic slab of anthemic synth jizz.

This one's mega-limited, so heads up!


A. Trisha (Felix's Live Drum Italo Monster Mix)
B. Trisha (Original Mix)

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