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La Sape

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On-Ly is the solo and collaborative moniker of pianist and producer Joshua Smeltink. Spanning genres, On-Ly's house and hip-hop history is ever-present and imbued with the hard-hitting post-bop jazz-rock of the 60's / 70's, harking back to bands such as Weather Report and Miles Davis Group (70s).

Reflecting on great leaders and great bands and what makes them essential; there is not too much more that On-Ly has considered for Wonderlust. Distinct in that it inaugurates his first release with a band; Wonderlust simultaneously pulls at the coat-tails of Santana's Moonflower, The Mars Volta and the original Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters all whilst serving you some Bob James on the side. The album takes on a facilitating role in the style of great psychedelic albums as one finds themselves at the whimsy of through-composed pilgrimages to soft, heartfelt song and back to sun-soaked heights woven with engaging arrangement, a one-of-a-kind production style and an incredible pedigree of musicianship.


1. Bosco I
2. Bosco II
3. Fresco
4. B U Kno
5. J. Scofield
6. Icarus

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