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Dead Elvis - 2024 Reissue

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Dead Elvis is the debut studio album by British band Death in Vegas, which was originally released in 1997. It featured a blend of musical genres, but most of the tracks are mainly based in dub and electronic dance music. This was the only Death in Vegas album to feature original member Steve Hellier. A limited vinyl run of Dead Elvis was released in 1997 but didn't feature the complete album. The complete Dead Elvis album, including the singles "Dirt", "Rocco" & "Rekkit" is now for the first time available on vinyl.


Side A
1. All That Glitters
2. Opium Shuffle
3. GBH

Side B
1. Dirt
2. Rocco
3. Rekkit

Side C
1. I Spy
2. Amber

Side D
1. Rematerialised
2. 68 Balcony
3. Sly

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