The Fall

White Lightning

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Secret Records

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Presented on white vinyl with sleeve notes 'White Lightning' encompasses the period between 1978 and 2001; just short of two-thirds of the group's four-decade existence The Fall is known for their distinctive and unconventional sound, marked by Mark E. Smith's often inscrutable lyrics, abrasive vocals, and a constantly evolving lineup of musicians.

Throughout their career, The Fall released numerous albums and singles. Their music was characterized by a mix of punk rock, experimental rock, and a unique sense of irony and humour.

The Fall had a devoted following and influenced many bands and artists within the post- punk and alternative music scenes. Mark E. Smith was a prolific songwriter and a distinctive voice in the world of music. He passed away in 2018, but the legacy of The Fall continues to be celebrated by fans and musicians alike. 


1. Frightened
2. Before The Moon
3. Flat Of Angles
4. Jawbone & The Rifle
5. Extricate
6. Your Heart Out
7. Bill Is Dead
8. Black Monk Theme 1
9. Black Monk Theme 2
10. Gotta See Jane

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