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Slates (Live)

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Popstock was created by the surviving members of the Slates iteration of The Fall to present unusual and alternative versions of the brilliant records they helped create.

These records promise to be unique in that they are the only new Fall releases going forward where actual members of the group are consulted, involved and remunerated at all. Slate Live Again presents live versions of the six songs that make up the original mini- LP, with the incredible versions chosen in order to present the songs at every stage of their live performance, both pre and post recording.

Lovingly curated with input from band members at every stage, including sourcing, mastering and design, and with sleeve notes by Fall Uber- fan Stewart Lee, Slates Live is the type of release that Fall fans have been craving for years.


1. Middle Mass
2. An Old Lover Etc.
3. Prole Art Threat
4. Fit And Working Again
5. Slags, Slates Etc.
6. Leave The Capitol

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