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Let The Whole World Know - 30th Anniversary EP Part 1

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Salford City Records

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Rhythm Foundation was the duo of James Lightbown & Peter Oldroyd, responsible for just one firecracker of piano house power in 1991. "Let The Whole World Know" was released on the Eastern Bloc-related M.O.S Records and became a big spin for one world leading DJ at the time - Sasha. 
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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this monumental record, Salford City Records have released an EP package with four fresh remixes of the track. Opening with the Rhythm Foundation vocal mix which is as true to the original vibe as you're gonna get. That epic vocal line soaring over vamping piano lines and the occassional 'woooo' to devastating effect. 

Rob Tissera & Steve Luigi contribute an electrified and highly kinetic offering which places it alongside the proto-proggy sounds that would begin to be hammered by the likes of Sasha and Digweed and soundtrack wild nights at Shelly's. 

On side B, Andy Cain perfectly bridges the gap between the original piano house sound and what would later become trance, injecting 16-bar drum rolls, rising strings and hands-aloft energy into proceedings.  

Stu Chapman drops a tastefully executed breakbeat refix, juxtaposing those happy piano chords and jubulent strings with odd blasts of rave stab tension and hardcore bass. 



Matt says: Just when you thought you'd heard the last of Salford City Records they finish the year off with an exceptional set of (new?) remixes of the '91 piano house anthem "Let The Whole World Know".


1 RF Vocal Mix
2 Rob Tissera & Steve Luigi Remix
3 Andy Cain Remix
4 Stu Chapman Remix

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