Peder Mannerfelt

The Benefits Of Living In A Hole

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Sweden’s Peder Mannerfelt returns to Voam with “The Benefits Of Living In A Hole”, his third EP for the label and in our humble opinion, his best yet.

Opening with the bat shit crazy but totally engrossing "Pumping Plastics" which features his trademark wild squealing synthesis coupled with precision rhythmic prowess. "Vanklemotor" refining this formular to a highly combustible rendition of techno that's patent protected by Mannerfelt's very own sonic lab.

"Eurtrashed" sees him explore more deranged and dark machine realms, spewing and gurgling what feels like a pneumonic level of mainframe phlegm across pounding technoid beats and alien chatter. "Liquid Ratten Mainframe" lets the gremlins out of the cage for some inhuman conversation which is indecipherable by our meagre human ears but surely suggests some higher form of interplanetary communication that we're not quite privy to yet. 


A1. Pumping Plastics
A2. Vankelmotor
B1. Eurotrashed
B2. Liquid Rattan Mainframe

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