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Where Do I Belong?

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The first album release on Sprechen is a trip across the astral planes of electronica and through the neon soaked streets of South Manchester, where genres cross & styles meet on the creative peripherals away from the dance floor.

A life lived through clubs, comic books, cult movies, cosmic adventures & electronic musical endeavours have all played a role in the creation of 'Where Do I Belong?', the debut long player by The Thief Of Time, a new studio project from Sprechen founder Chris Massey.

What started as just very loose ideas and half started projects during lockdown resulted in a semi autobiographical collection of songs that draw on a lifetime love of electronic artists & synth heavy movie scores. Nods are given, toes are dipped & caps are doffed in various sonic directions whilst still treading a truly unique path of its own making.

As Chris says: 'it started really with me being in a headspace I've never really had in the studio. There was no pre-conceived ideas or agenda of what I wanted to achieve other than just going with what felt right and pursuing sounds & style I favour away from a smokey basement of ravers. Being a child of the 80's gave me a wealth of ever-evolving influences of sounds, styles, imagery, fashion, literature & art which all somehow seemed to direct this project. It's the first time I've ever created something that contains personal reflections of my own life. Good & bad alongside the high & low points have all driven this creative process which reflects my own headspace will hopefully speak to everyone on some sort of level'.

The album also features a host of Manchester artists including A Certain Ratio, Bay Bryan, Psychederek, NIIX & Love Letters From Space as well as Allison Rae from Causeway (Italians Do It Better) who were all instrumental in realising Chris' vision and bringing this exciting project into existence.


Matt says: A truly impressive body of work from Sprechen label head and local legend Chris Massey. A shimmering, psychedelic indie-dance LP with tons of crossover potential and some really impressive collaborations. Nods to Primal Scream / Andrew Weatherall, John Carpenter and Danielle Baldeli along the way. He's been keeping this in the locker but it's been worth the wait!


A1. Celestial Heartbeats
A2. Imposter Syndrome Feat. Bay Bryan
A3. Fantasy Carnival
A4. Pavement Soul Feat. Niix
B1. The Love Letter From Space
B2. Find Each Other (song For Lisa) Feat. Allison Rae
B3. Rendezvous On A Lost World Feat. Psychederek

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