DJ Deviant

Skum & Villainy Edits Vol 1

Image of DJ Deviant - Skum & Villainy Edits Vol 1
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Regulate Recordings

About this item

"Skum and Villainy Edits Vol 1" by DJ Deviant represents a dynamic fusion of musical genres and tracks, interweaving elements from rock, hip-hop, and funk. “Intergalactic Rocket Fuel” incorporates everybody's favourite beats and pieces resulting in an energetic mashup.

"House Party Rocker" epitomises an electrifying blend of lively party hip-hop style harmonised with the potent funk-rock guitar riffs and it guarantees a thrilling experience on the dance floor.

This release is a superb selection for DJs looking to provide a vibrant and genre-blurring dance music adventure.


A1. Intergalactic Rocket Launch
B1. House Party Rocker 

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