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Welcome to ‘Parallax’, the third long player from Atlas Sound, the ever expansive solo project of Bradford Cox from Deerhunter.

Atlas Sound is not a side-project, but rather a fully-fleshed musical landscape chock full of pop chronicles culled from sci-fi fever dreams and midcentury rock.

All songs were written and performed by Bradford, except on ‘Mona Lisa’, where Andrew VanWyngarden (MGMT) plays piano.

‘Parallax’ was recorded at New York’s Rare Book Room with Nicholas Vernhes, where Cox’s band Deerhunter recorded 2009 album, ‘Microcastle’.

This is perhaps Cox’s best work to date, juxtaposing his modern, sometimes avant songwriting sensibilities against a backdrop of ambient loneliness and a quiet feeling of desperation.

Visuals for Parallax were provided by Mick Rock, the photographer famous for his work with the likes of David Bowie, Blondie, Queen, Roxy Music and Lou Reed.

‘Parallax’ is dedicated to Trish Keenan RIP.


Darryl says: Dreamy off-kilter indie-pop from Bradford Cox's (Deeerhunter) solo project. Liking this a lot.

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