Ze Rodrix E A Agencia De Magicos

O Esquadrao Da Morte

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This Brazilian library funk beauty is the soundtrack to Carlos Imperial's 1975 film of the same title. Echoing European soundtrack maestros such as Roy Budd and Ennio Morricone, but with a Brazilian swagger, Ze Rodrix's score is a sublime gem that needs rediscovery.

Rich in 70's soundtrack cool, the score is packed with orchestrated jazz, chase scene- funk, breaks, psychedelic freakouts and plenty of drama. The loose and quirky break- beat jazz- funk of 'Assalto' feels almost tailor- made for today's hiphop production aesthetic. The opening drum break of 'Esconderijo' is a sampler's dream and has already been reinterpreted by the Turkish Rapper Anil Piyanci, as well as Brazil's DJ Caique.

Carlos Imperial wrote liner notes and was an actor, filmmaker, television presenter, and media figure. His film 'O Esquadrao da Morte' is a violent heist movie starring Beto Bandeira, Claire Chevalier, and Baby Conceicao; in the vein of exploitation films and gritty, raw B- Movie cinema of the day. Both the film and album share striking, macabre artwork by artist Benicio. The instrumentalist, arranger, and singer- songwriter Ze Rodrix has worked with the cream of Brazilian music, having written songs covered by the greats, including Quarteto Em Cy, Ronald Mesquita, Elis Regina, Karma, and Celia, to name just a few. His written arrangements have graced the music of Luli Lucinha E O Bando and Helio Matheus. He was a member of the iconic group Som Imaginario and played piano and synthesizer on Secos & Molhado's classic 1973 album.

Mr. Bongo are super pleased to make this dusty treasure available again. It is a wonderful soundtrack score that more than holds its own with its European and American counterparts of the era.


1. Esquadrao Da Morte
2. Um Homem E Um Homem E Um Homem 
3. Chorinho Pro Tio
4. Tema De Amor
5. Bolero De Mangaratiba
6. Motoqueiros 
7. Mundo!
8. Assalto
9. Esconderijo
10. Rhumba

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