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Demi Lune

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"Tapestry" is the first LP from Namas; a modern jazz band from Rennes, Brittany. It is a self-produced piece mixing the traditional sound of a trio with a slightly modern hip-hop-informed mindset. A nocturnal and thoughtful album influenced both by the London jazz scene and pictorial art.

This debut is an incredibly strong statement - showcasing the band's skilled musicianship alongside intricate and frenetic arrangements that keep the listener hooked throughout. Not only that, whoever has mixed the project has done a great job of creating space and dynamics on the record - it almost feels like you're sat right there, in front of the musicians. A stunning record! Look forward to hearing more from this troupe.


Matt says: Strong styles from this trad-ish trio with an adventurous mindset - maintaining the dedication and rigor of pure jazz whilst injecting it with refreshing modernism.


A2. Adim Adim
A3. 777
A4. Half Moon Light

B1. Kamalodo
B2. Pedrocha
B3. Catamandelo
B4. Outro

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