Submerge EP

Image of Apta - Submerge EP
Record Label
Castles In Space

About this item

A special ‘Submerge” 12” EP featuring a bunch of reworks of this pivotal track from Apta's forthcoming ‘The Pool’ album on Castles in Space.

The EP contains remixes from Pye Corner Audio, Polypores, GNOD, The Hardy Tree and Field Lines Cartographer.


Mine says: The first taste of a new album from our very own Apta (the best egg) sees the lead single twisted and churned into a variety of sounds from Pye Corner Audio, Polypores and Gnod as well as a reworking of the title track from the man himself. Lovely stuff.


A1. Apta - Submerge
A2. Emerge (The Hardy Tree Remix) 
A3. Emerge (Polypores Pink Oceans Remix)

B1. Emerge (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
B2. Emerge (Gnod Remix)
B3. Emerge (Field Lines Cartographer Remix) 


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