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Grotesque (After The Gramme) - 2023 Reissue

Image of The Fall - Grotesque (After The Gramme) - 2023 Reissue
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Grotesque (After The Gramme) is the third studio album by the Fall. The album reached number one on the UK Independent Chart, spending 29 weeks on the chart in total. The Fall's music at the time was described as "Mancabilly", and by Smith himself as "Country 'n' Northern". In 2020, Rolling Stone included Grotesque (After The Gramme) in its "80 Greatest albums of 1980" list, praising the band for its "ability to craft impossibly catchy songs that simultaneously sound like they're shaking apart at the seams"


Side A
1. Pay Your Rates
2. English Scheme
3. New Face In Hell
4. C'N'C-S Mithering
5. The Container Drivers

Side B
1. Impression Of J. Temperance
2. In The Park
3. W.M.C - Blob 59
4. Gramme Friday
5. The N.W.R.A.

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