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True Blue

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Demon Records

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‘True Blue’ is a collection of songs originally intended as technical demos for the Catholics’ acclaimed ‘Black Letter Days’ album Recorded in 2001 live to 1 track tape at the legendary Sound City Studios, the recordings capture raw and captivating performances by Frank Black and the Catholics on songs including ‘California Bound’,‘The End Of Miles’, and ‘Cold Heart Of Stone’

Previously only available as a bonus CD in ‘The Complete Recordings’ boxset,‘True Blue’ is an essential release for Frank Black fans and offers a glimpse into a studio session with the Catholics

Pressed on 140 g vinyl, newly remastered by Phil Kinrade and cut by Cicely Balston at AIR Mastering Presented in a textured reverse board sleeve with new artwork by Mark Reynolds, and exclusive liner notes by producer Ben Mumphrey

Also included is a bonus 7 single featuring three studio outtakes, including a previously unreleased version of ‘The Black Rider’


LP Tracklist
1. Black Letter Days
2. California Bound
3. Chip Away Boy
4. Cold Heart Of Stone
5. How You Went So Far
6. Jane The Queen Of Love
7. Jet Black River
8. Southbound Bevy
9. The End Of Miles
10. The Farewell Bend
11. Valentine And Garuda
12. Whispering Weeds

7” Tracklist
1. The Black Rider
2. Song Of The Shrimp
3. John The Revelator

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