5D Worlds

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Nummer Music

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The Brighton-based producer and creative mastermind, Caldera, lets us delve into his multi-faceted personality with his new EP, 5D Worlds. No VR set needed, Caldera follows the chant of the sirens and the shamanic incantations but never directly references them: a psychoactive journey without the psychedelics. Caldera’s 5D Worlds is a hyperreal ride, from his signature dubby grooves to his lesser known Tech-Trance whopper fantasies – As the BPM evolves, the sound designs morph and the gentle percussion give way to sonar-like synths and binary rhythms. Are you finally hearing the sirens ? Good, you have arrived at your destination. 


Matt says: It's mushroom season and Nummer continue to probe the thin veil between realities via sonic shaman Caldera whose mind-expanding sonics should resonate across the multiverse.


A1. Amphibian Dance
A2. Dolphin Skii
B1. Turbine Mode (Underwater Sunset Mix)
B2. Martino Fantasma 

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