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After last year’s “Tribal Trouble”, French duo Nummer strike back on their own Nummer Music label with “Deep Obsessions”, a three track excursion through early breakbeat ambiences and hypnotic soundscapes. "Life Is A Hideout" pairs baggy beats & low slung b-line with cerebral textures and winding leads for a very mad-fer-it, retorist jaunt. "The Magic City" takes things down more esoteric routes through shamanic sfx, tribal perc and spellbound electronix. "Quiet Night" completes the EP with a solid wall of witch-like breakbeats and wubbing basslines. If you enjoyed the Aiwo records by DJ Normal4, Bufiman and The Phazer Boys, then this last track should really float your boat. Reinforced with black magic and razor sharp production it's great to see producers returning to the breaks and blending it with up-to-date methods and tricks. Top stuff!


Matt says: Nummeer continues to provide beautifully trascendental, 'rainforest house' vibrations. This EP is a delight. Look out for a new label starting from this cat very soon.

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