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Daybreaker / 303 Of Life

Acclaimed sound shaman Nummer returns on his own label with more of his ancestral rainforest jive. Over seven tribal rituals the sonic kahuna has planted a rich flora of sounds that are now coming more and more into fruition.

"Daybreaker" morphes itself effortlessly into a house music, coyly hiding its magical interior to the less intrepid listener. Delve into its pool though and like a super clean hit of mimosa-extracted healing vapours, layer upon layer of extra dimensional beauty will slowly begin to reveal, no manifest before your ears.

"303 Of Life" is slower, more deliberate and quite obviously adorned in shamanic decor. Exotic birds chirp from above the canopy as a deep rooted perc-acid groove forces motion.

Nummer may well be leading the charge of the rainforest house movement, a young sorceror with wisened rhythms - recommended.


Matt says: Head shaman Nummer concocts another spellbinding double header of rainforest rituals for our entheogenic desires.

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