Joey Gilmore

Joey Gilmore

Image of Joey Gilmore - Joey GilmoreImage of Joey Gilmore - Joey Gilmore
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ReGrooved Records

About this item

In the early seventies, Joey Gilmore embarked on his musical journey, captivating audiences with a series of unforgettable singles that showcased his raw talent and unique style. It wasn't until 1977 that the culmination of his musical endeavors arrived - the release of his highly anticipated debut record. This debut album marked a pivotal moment in Joey Gilmore's career, solidifying his reputation as a self-taught guitar virtuoso and soulful singer.

The record resonated with listeners, capturing the essence of his artistry and leaving an indelible impact. Now, after a 45-year wait, the time has finally come for a vinyl reissue of Joey Gilmore's debut album. This reissue is a celebration of his timeless music, meticulously crafted to preserve the authenticity and integrity of the original recording. Every note, every lyric and
the original design of the sleeve has been lovingly restored to transport you back to the magic of that era.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the unadulterated funk and soul of Joey Gilmore's music, as this remarkable reissue brings his debut album back to life. Allow the melodies and rhythms to envelop you, taking you on a captivating musical adventure that transcends time.


Side A
A1 Funny Feeling
A2 Way Down Baby
A3 It’s Here
A4 Let’s Boogie On Down
Side B
B1 Get All You Want
B2 Give Me Your Love
B3 Rhythm In My Bone
B4 Rhythm In My Bone Pt. 2

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