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Bun Dem Down

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System Music

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System Music welcome Italian giants Numa Crew to the label with their brand new release "Bun Dem Down".

The release centers around the massive grime / dubstep crossover title-track "Bun Dem Down" featuring the two London’s MCs, Killa P and Long Range. It has caused a storm in the forums over who made this track and inflamed dancefloors across the globe over the past few years. The main vocals is classic Killa P, perfect delivery and tone alongside conscious lyrics we can all relate to. Long Range solidifies this massive track with ease and skill, hurtling over a classic half-step beat which is beautifully produced by Numa Crew.

The B-side “Masai Duty” takes a whole different trajectory and exemplifies Numa Crew’s amazing ability to diversify production. Scattered tribal vocals flows over a rolling dancehall-like beat guaranteed to make the whole crowd move.


Matt says: Incendiary dancehall-grime-dubstep hybrid that set to smash down walls and genre boundaries and will certainly ignite an inferno at your next sound clash.


A. Bun Dem Down Ft. Killa P & Long Range 
B. Masai Duty 

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