Afro Disco

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45 Loves

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Moar is back on his 45 Loves  label with a new double single complete with afro disco vibes.

The M side is a haunting vocoder disco number, full of funky clavs, lively congas and Loft-y energy. The original is on the tip of my tongue but has alas escaped me (answers on a DM please!). The MM side is a genius, dubbed-out version of Fela Kuti's "Water Have No Enemy".  Many would argue that you shouldn't fuck with this Fela classic, but I have to say Moar's done the unthinkable and produced something that stands alongside the original in elegant form. Reminds me a little of Cottam's seminal reworking of Bola Johnson's "Afro Sisi" from many years ago. 

No doubt that this 7 inch will find its place in several circumstances of DJ set and continues the flawless form of the label. Recommended! 


A. M

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