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***Limited copies on white vinyl*** Nous'klaer Audio presents Martinou's "Chiral", the follow full-length up to his 2021 album "Rift". More outspoken, heavier sound design and it peaks on a blissful note. Sailing the dub-techno aquasonics with a rich, expansive horizon ahead, the album's synthesis and sequencing work brilliantly in tandem to create a subversive listening experience that electronic music fans are gonna lap up insatiably. Ethereal and heavenly in parts; buoyant in others; and in some parts sounding like your strapped to the back of a jet ski hurtling through the wash at 140BPM! Highly recommended - techno-orientated long players don't come much better than this!


01 Reverie
02 Open Up The Blinds
03 Demise
04 Locked In
05 Surface Tension
06 Take Me There
07 Devotion
08 An Inclination
09 Exit To Bliss

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