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The House Of Love - 2023 Reissue

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The House Of Love – guitarist and vocalist Guy Chadwick, lead guitarist Terry Bickers, bassist Chris Groothuizen and drummer Pete Evans – formed in London in 1986 - Chadwick had been around the music industry for several years, but was energised seeing The Jesus And Mary Chain, inspiring him to form the band - Signing to Creation, The House Of Love were greeted enthusiastically by the music press and their single, Shine On and self-titled debut album became indie disco classics - By 1989, the band were big news and had signed to Fontana, part of the PolyGram group.

The group's debut album for Fontana, also entitled The House Of Love, was released in February 1990. Known often as 'The Butterfly Album' after Trevor Key's distinctive artwork, much was made at the time of its protracted birth and the weight of expectation, and the fact it was produced by five different people. Years later, it sounds assured and confident commercial indie, bursting with invention and melody. The re-recording of their Creation calling card, Shine On, gave them a UK Top 20 hit and Beatles And The Stones points the way to the gentler side of Oasis some years later.


Shine On
Beatles And The Stones
Shake And Crawl
I Don't Know Why I Love You
Someone's Got To Love You
In A Room
32nd Floor
Se Dest

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