Hoodie & James K

065 (Scorpio)

Image of Hoodie & James K - 065 (Scorpio)
Record Label
AD 93

About this item

The dubby street-soul-downbeat jam ‘Scorpio’ and its drifting ambient electric anagram, ‘Ether,’ are brought to you by Hoodie x James K. Hoodie is Naemi and Shy: Naemi is a Berlin-based artist whose work encompasses a broad range of sonic aesthetics and philosophies of musical composition by way of a handful of aliases. Their focus in the past few years has slowly shifted more into the vein of classic songwriting, implementing more organic instrumentation and vocals, via collaborations such as Hoodie and Baby Bong, as well as material released under their own name. Shy is Michigan born, Berlin based resident DJ at Kwia. Aka Caveman LSD, fka uon & Ghostride The Drift.

James K releases on Incienso, AD 93 and PAN, among others, and continue to operate her label She Rocks! K provides shows for NTS, has collaborated with artists such as Yves Tumor, Beta Librae, Drew McDowall, crimeboys, and slayed her band SETH twice. She produces music that makes temporary haven for indomitable lyrics – and these are in constant flux. 


Matt says: Ad 93 are on a roll! Another subversive thriller from the maverick label who seem quite content releasing whatever the hell they want - be it scuzzy industrial, ethereal synth pop, or in this case - a dubby downbeat streetsoul jam!



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