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CUREPEDIA: An A-Z Of The Cure - Special Edition

Image of Simon Price - CUREPEDIA: An A-Z Of The Cure - Special EditionImage of Simon Price - CUREPEDIA: An A-Z Of The Cure - Special Edition
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This deluxe edition, limited to 1000 copies, will feature alternative original cover artwork, housed in a bespoke slipcase, with a ribbon marker and 26 integrated full colour A-Z chapter headings. Complete with interior pages printed in red and black ink and bespoke C-U-R-E lettered endpapers, this edition also comes with four additional prints (C-U-R-E) from original mixed media print in an envelope, and a bookplate insert signed by Simon Price and Andy Vella. All artwork, design and packaging is by Andy Vella, celebrated artist and longtime Cure collaborator (as part of Parched Art).

The Cure are arguably the biggest alternative rock band in the world. Their popularity is not limited to any one country, or even continent. Between 1985 and 2000 every album they released went to at least Gold in the UK, the US or both. In America they have earned four Platinum albums, and they are estimated to have sold 30 million albums worldwide. Their iconic status as elder statesmen of Alternative Rock remains undiminished - if anything, their tireless touring has ensured that it has grown with every passing year - and lead singer Robert Smith is an endlessly fascinating figure to successive generations of fans. The Cure's influence reverberates through genres including Emo, Goth, Industrial and Indie Rock.

The book is an encyclopaedic A-Z of The Cure examining and riffing on miscellaneous trivia, biographies of the band members past and present, summaries of each album and selected songs, details of the band's various tours and films, and essays on broader topics such as their image, their politics and their influences. Playful, eccentric and irreverent - true to the spirit of the band itself - CUREPEDIA is a comprehensive biography of one of the biggest alternative rock bands in the world.

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