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Stephen James Buckley aka Polypores returns for his second full album on the DiN imprint following on from his 2022 debut “Hyperincandescent” (DiN71).

Though we’ve come to know a wide range of sounds from Polypores, it’s here on “Multizonal Mindscramble” that we get plunged into the outer reaches of the inner psyche. Flickering insectoid transmissions are laid atop slowly shifting walls of drifting oscillators, barely discernible chirps and static-encrusted filter sweeps. There are moments of undeniable melodic bliss amongst the warm, weightless transmissions though, with soaring arpeggios and covert counter-melodies emerging from the fog and coalescing into perfect harmony before fading once again into the ether. The slow intricate weaving of sounds and timbres has become a Polypores trademark, and once again the fluidity and ease with which Buckley moves between sound-worlds is evident on this new album. The organic textures morph and grow, from a syncopated glitching oscillator through to slow swells of synth and spacey, cavernous reverb. Like a languid walk through the forest, while you gradually melt through the earth and into the soil.

A perfectly balanced textural odyssey, and a stunning example of the depth and breadth of the Polypores sound “Multizonal Mindscramble” is released both as a 180g Vinyl edition and a Digipak CD with stunning artwork from Wendy Carroll that matches the music perfectly.


Barry says: Buckley provides us a beautiful wash of euphoric synth-lines and slowly morphing insectile flourishes, forging vast soundscapes and endless beautifully rendered counter-melodies without breaking stride. A beautiful, rich tapestry of sound, on Ian Boddy's ever-reliable DiN label. Stunner.


01 The Dream Incubator 03:30
02 Foam 03:01
03 Machine Elves 05:58
04 Can Non-Player Characters Experience Love? 02:58
05 Diverging Reality Tunnels 03:29
06 Retrocausal 03:05
07 Hyperdata 00:59
08 Until You Observe It, It Isn’t There 04:30
09 Compute Gnosis 02:56
10 Hexagram 03:18
11 Strangels 04:04
12 The Green-Screen Beneath It All 02:09
13 Adventures In The Super-Spectrum 02:59
14 Butterflies 01:08

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