Music From Graffiti Bridge - 2023 Repress

Image of Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 2023 Repress
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Warner Music UK

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With the follow-up to the hugely successful Batman soundtrack album, Prince returned with yet another soundtrack album in 1991, this time featuring songs from his self-directed movie Graffiti Bridge. Features the hit Prince single “Thieves In The Temple”, plus the Prince-produced Tevin Campbell single, “Round And Round".


A1 Can't Stop This Feeling I Got (4:24)
A2 New Power Generation (3:39)
A3 Release It (3:54)
A4 The Question Of U (3:59)
B1 Elephants & Flowers (3:54)
B2 Round And Round (3:55)
B3 We Can Funk (5:28)
B4 Joy In Repetition (4:53)
C1 Love Machine (3:34)
C2 Tick, Tick, Bang (3:31)
C3 Shake! (4:01)
C4 Thieves In The Temple (3:19)
D1 The Latest Fashion (4:02)
D2 Melody Cool (3:39)
D3 Still Would Stand All Time (5:23)
D4 Graffiti Bridge (3:51)
D5 New Power Generation (Pt. II) (2:57)

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