Lovesexy - 2023 Repress

Image of Prince - Lovesexy - 2023 Repress
Record Label
Warner Music UK

About this item

Prince’s 1988 follow-up to his masterpiece double LP, Sign O’ The Times, saw him recycle some of the material that had originally been intended for the ill-fated Crystal Ball and Black Album albums, and repurposed here along with additional material. Features the smash hit single “Alphabet Street”.


A1 Eye No (05:46)
A2 Alphabet Street (05:39)
A3 Glam Slam (05:08)
A4 Anna Stesia (04:58)
B1 Dance On (03:44)
B2 Lovesexy (05:51)
B3 When 2 R In Love (03:58)
B4 I Wish U Heaven (02:47)
B5 Positivity (07:13)

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