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Man Of Aran

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Rough Trade

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In 2009 the band, then known as British Sea Power, were commissioned by the Edinburgh Film Festival to create their own soundtrack for the 1934 quasi-documentary, which they premiered by playing along live during a screening at the event.

A studio version of the album followed in May the same year, while more screening/performances took place at the BFI in London and at cinemas in Brighton and Sheffield, while events were also staged on a series of islands, including Jersey, the Hebrides and a Norwegian islet in the Arctic Circle.

Charting the activities of fisherman based on a remote outcrop in mouth of Galway Bay in western Ireland, Robert J Flaherty’ Man Of Aran captured a disappearing way of life as Aran’s inhabitants battled daily against the elements to survive, something that chimed deeply with Sea Power’s own curiosity for the past and their urgent, environmentally-driven concerns for the future.

The resulting, mainly instrumental score, proved to be a true artistic collaboration that stretched across the decades, earning the group widespread acclaim upon its release, both for the music’s simpatico relationship with the original film and as a stand alone work in its own right.

Declared by The Quietus on release as a “perfect symbiosis that should rightly be regarded as something of an understated classic,” Ireland’s Hot Press called it “Stunning... breath-taking” while NME encouraged listeners to “let it all gloriously wash over you.”

Fans will finally be able to experience that artistic and emotional depth on vinyl with this reissue.


A1 - Man Of Aran
A2 - The South Sound
A3 - Come Wander With Me
B1 - Tiger King
B2 - The Currach
B3 - Boy Vertiginous
C1 - Spearing The Sunfish
C2 - Conneely Of The West
C3 - The North Sound
D1 - Woman Of Aran
D2 - It Comes Back Again
D3 - No Man Is An Archipelago

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