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When Will We Land?

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Barry Can’t Swim’s highly anticipated debut album is finally here. Those who have liked Barry’s output to date will love this full length. It showcases both sides of his artistry - his ability to write dancefloor-ready party bangers and also his more downtempo, piano-led pieces. These two sides will also come to life throughout 2023 and beyond on stage, with a stacked diary of both traditional DJ shows and his very first full band live shows. Every album track was written and crafted with it’s position within the full length piece of work in mind - it’s an album designed as such, rather than a collection of songs thrown together.

Silky, airy, uplifting production which is sure to give you tingles and rushes of rose tinted nostalgia. The upfront production is paired with pop-like sensibilities and bucket loads of sentiment; delving into the vast tropes of electronic music that have preceded it whilst offering the listener something that is undeniably brand new and looking forwards. Incredible! 


Matt says: A gloriously fresh and fun new album that should appeal to fans of Real Lies, Avalanches, DJ Seinfeld, Ross From Friends and Anthony Szmierek. Album highlight for me, "Some Deadbeat Gospel" is an incredible piece - a epochal ode to night club culture from Somedeadbeat paired, skewed and twisted into BCS's bouncy synthetic house soundbed.


1. When Will We Land?
2. Some Deadbeat Gospel (feat. Somedeadbeat)
3. Sonder
4. How It Feels
5. Sunsleeper
6. Woman
7. I Won’t Let You Down (feat Falle Nioke, Blackboxx)
8. Always Get Through To You
9. Tell Me What You Need (feat. Just Lil)
10. Dance Of The Crab
11. Define Dancing

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