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Black Duck

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‘Black Duck’ captures a band already deeply in tune with one another. The threepiece supergroup consists of Douglas McCombs, Charles Rumback and Bill MacKay. Each has a distinct musical voice that is instantly recognizable yet blends seamlessly with one another - their time performing together, playing to the moment and reading each other and the spaces they’re in formed a fluency between the trio which allows them to follow each other down winding paths and short tangents alike.

Black Duck’s debut is a testament to that fluency, an expedition led by three veterans into alluring worlds bathed in myriad splendours. ‘Black Duck’ is a gallery of sonic tapestries, unbound by any genre constraints. Black Duck redefine what two guitarists and a drummer can do; pieces move from breezy shuffles to stormy blues rumbles to gorgeous textural drones.

Playing entirely improvised live sets for years helped develop the trio’s acute senses for one another, knowing precisely how to listen to the others and bolster whatever direction they move in. In the short time the trio have played together, they have performed at Big Ears Festival and alongside acts like Yo La Tengo. 


1. Of The Lit Backyards
2. Foothill Daze
3. Delivery
4. Second Guess
5. The Trees Are Dancing
6. Thunder Fade That Earth
7. Smells
8. Lemon Treasure
9. Light’s New Measure

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