The Cassandra Complex

[PIAS] 40

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Play It Again Sam

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The Cassandra Complex are a British electronic rock band formed in Leeds in 1980 by Rodney Orpheus, Paul Dillon and Andy Booth. Its name refers to Cassandra syndrome. Over the years, the band's sound has included elements of EBM, industrial rock, gothic rock, dark wave, new wave and synthpop, and the band's style has been described as a mix between Joy Division, Ramones and Kraftwerk. Their albums “Theomania” or “Satan, Bugs Bunny and Me” are considered as “classics” of the genre.


1. One Millionth Happy Customer (Ebm Mix)
2. The War Against Sleep
3. Night Fall
4. What Can I Do For You?
5. (In Search Of) Penny Century
6. Give Me What I Need

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