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Swim Domain EP

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Third Place

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Oakland-based artists DJML (dan Letson) & Jerod S. Rivera debut their Later Version project with the "Swim Domain" EP on London label Third Place

Across the 12”, the duo’s natural flair for hi-res IDM-tinged electronica is on full display, with four colourful and playful originals that toy with rhythm, harmony and experimentation with an almost flippent confidence. 


Matt says: Check for that club levelling, palette cleanser "Chelating Ligand". Perfect for muscling some upstart off the decks and setting the tone for summat a bit more sophisticated. Elsewhere, witness ethereal electronics and red-shifted ambience that's beamed across the galaxies. Super strong EP of club / head electronix.


A1. Chelating Ligand
A2. Swim Domain
B1. Effigy Tumuli
B2. Aguahoja

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