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The Roots Of Dub - 2023 Repress

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King Tubby and Producer Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee are intertwined in the birth of dub music. Tubby’s vast knowledge of electronics and Bunny’s vast catalogue of rhythms would lay the foundations of what today is taken as a standard - remix and version cuts to an existing vocal tune. Dynamic Sounds upgraded to 16 track recording in 1972 and Tubby purchased, again with the help of a deal brokered by Bunny Lee, the old four track equipment and the MCI console from their Studio B. The four tracks now gave him far wider scope to work with and he began to create a new musical form where the bass and drum parts were brought up while the faders allowed Tubby to ease the vocal and rhythm in and out of the mix. It was only a matter of time before Tubby’s dubplate experiments began to make it on to vinyl and the first ever long playing King Tubby releases would feature a collection of his mixes to a selection of Striker's rhythms. So please sit back and enjoy this historic set of sounds.


Natty Dub
Dub Magnificent
A First Class Dub
A Stepping Dub
Rude Boy Dub
A Closer Dub
Roots Of Dub
Dub You Can Feel
Loving Dub
The Immortal Dub
Dreadlocks Dub
Rocking Dub

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